Dr. Fleshman was first introduced to Acupuncture in 1983.  At the time a Chiropractor that she was currently seeing suggested she try it after recieving a knee injury from a car accident.  Amazing!  The results where amazing!  The Doctor knew then the powerful results of acupuncture first hand!  Since that time she has used it for in her own healthcare treatment plan and now how she shares this wonderfully effective techinue with her patients.

Acupuncture is traditionally administered to patients using very fine acupuncture needles yet today there are options to needles; laser stimulation, electrical stimulation, heat, pressure points, cupping.  Dr. Fleshman is skilled in the use of several different methods and works with her patients comfort levels.

Study after study has shown the effects acupunture has had on helping patients to live healthier lives.  Call or text today so you too can get Amazing results from Acupunture!

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