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A Chiropractors approach to patient care is similar to conventional medicine in that they interview the patient obtaining a health history, perform necessary exams and tests to develop a working diagnosis of the patients current condition and needs are. Then a plan of treatment is developed and the patients treatment is monitored.

Chiropractors in Missouri are licensed health care professionals yet each Chiropractor has a unique style and approach when working with patients. The “common” goal of most all Chiropractors is to restore movement and function to their paitents. As a whole the profession believes that if you remove what is interfering with someones nervous system that you will free the bodies innate ability to heal itself. Chiropractors may use a number of different adjusting techniques or “manipulations” in addition to various forms of treatments such as exercise and nutritional counseling, in addition to acupuncture and various therapies in their treatment plan.

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