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Dr. Fleshman knows the effects of good nutrition on our bodies.  Our ancestors used to spend hours in the sun cultivating and growing the most amazing gardens abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables! Unfortunetly times have changed and most folks find themselves tied to grocery stores where they wonder does organic really make a difference?  Then the thought is how can I afford to eat that way?  The big question is really how can you not afford to eat that way!!!!

The choices we have come to know in this day and age are fast, quick, nutitionally void in most cases.  The time it takes to cut and build an amazingly healthy and tasty salad is often lost to the quick convience of frozen, canned, and drive-thru diets.  There are some out there who will tell you food is food and that it does not matter.  At Fleshman Chiropractic we disagre!  Dr. Fleshma lives and shares her “Do Your Best” philosophy with her patients.  It is true not all of us can afford to buy all organic but when fresh is available that is a much better choice than hothouse grown grocery, frozen, and canned foods.  We won’t even discuss fast food and the greasy diets that so many Americans have come to survive off of.


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