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Dr. Tracie is excited to offer you awareness into the energetics of Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Infrared found in BIOMATS.  

Energetic awareness is becoming more and more popular these days as technology is catching up to what is and what always has been.  Biomats have been a part of that discovery for over 20 years.  An amazing tool to add to a practitioner’s tool box, invaluable to households, and undiscovered in the benefits to our equine, canine, and feline friends.   

Dr. Tracie was blessed to be born into a multi-generational holistic Chiropractic family and grew up with a deep understanding that “The Power that made the Body, Heals the Body”.  When we embrace the energetic synergy of the Biomats…. We Feel the Warmth and Love the Results. 

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